Self-Test: Are You Abrasive

Drive Results Without Damaging Relationships®

We need success driven leaders and senior executives in our volatile, uncertain, complex world. Sometimes, they are perceived as abrasive and occasionally called names like bully. Most are surprised to find out the impact they have on others. This self-assessment is a great starting point for discovery. 

YES! I want to take the quiz!

"Are people afraid to tell you that you are abrasive? Do you surround yourself with people that are hesitant to speak their mind? Are you in a high value position and those around you concerned you will leave if told the truth, that you ARE abrasive? Take the self-assessment test and determine if you are an abrasive leader."

As Founder and CEO of Workplace Warrior®, Inc., Jordan Goldrich partners with leaders and executives with an uncommon desire for results, who take charge, lead their teams and accomplish the mission.  Jordan’s mission is to help them be completely authentic, fulfill their mission, achieve respect, and positive relationships while taking performance to an even higher level.