How To Select An Executive Coach


Imagine you have invested a large portion of your assets in a rapidly growing business with a lot of opportunity, but also many potential threats. Recognizing what is at stake, you decide to retain an executive coach. What are some of the elements that you need to consider when choosing this person? Which of the following individuals would you hire? Get the guide and find out.

YES! Give me the details.

"In my experience, the most effective executive coaches provide a mixture of coaching, consulting and mentoring. They do ask powerful questions to help you identify and articulate who you are and what you stand for, your why. They also help you uncover your own answers and solutions. Get all the details and uncover the ideal way to investigate, engage and ultimately hire an executive coach."

As Founder and CEO of Workplace Warrior®, Inc., Jordan Goldrich partners with leaders and executives with an uncommon desire for results, who take charge, lead their teams and accomplish the mission.  Jordan’s mission is to help them be completely authentic, fulfill their mission, achieve respect, and positive relationships while taking performance to an even higher level.